“The pediatrician said his tantrums were normal but it didn’t feel good. The whole house felt unhappy. I wish I’d called for help even earlier than I did. I didn’t feel like I was in charge anymore. I was always waiting for the next explosion.

I really like the positive reinforcement, praise and encouragement Tuesday’s Child teaches. It’s not instinctual, but once you learn it, it makes sense.

Tuesday’s Child helped us take the ‘no’ out. I had to learn to parent him the way he needed to be parented; it becomes a whole new ballgame. Every parent could benefit from Tuesday’s Child. If you ever hear a parent say, ‘I’m so frustrated,’ there’s a place than can help. This makes you feel like an able, capable parent who’s having a good time doing it. Teachers who meet my son now are surprised. He’s compliant and sweet. They rave about him.”


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