If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably encountered a child with behavioral issues in your work as a pediatrician, psychologist, dentist, educator, social worker or therapist. As a professional you want to help this child, but the strategies and tactics you typically use with kids age six and younger aren’t working.

Well, you’ve come to the right place — Tuesday’s Child — Chicago’s child behavior experts. For more than 30 years, we’ve been collaborating with pediatricians, therapists and other professionals who work with children. Part of our mission is to equip professionals like you with training, education and support to help you work successfully with challenging children and their parents.

As a professional, you can play a critical role in connecting us with children and families who desperately need our help. You’re uniquely positioned to observe a child’s troubling behavior or hear a parent express concern and encourage that parent to reach out to us.

Questions frequently asked by professionals:

How does Tuesday’s Child work?
Although we provide a variety of services, our most powerful offering is our evidence-based Behavioral Intervention program for challenging children and their parents. During this 12-week program, we address a child’s behavior issues from two angles. Our behavior experts and peer mentors equip parents with strategies that can help them regain parental control and build a positive, trusting bond with their child. Simultaneously, our experts introduce and apply the same techniques while working with the child in our behavioral classrooms. After completing the program, parents are better able to effectively manage their child’s challenging behavior.

How is the Behavioral Intervention program different from other programs?
Three aspects of the Behavioral Intervention program make it different from most other programs:

  • Proven effectiveness — more than 4,500 families have completed our program and over 95% expressed satisfaction. In fact, children we once helped are now coming back to us for help with their own children.
  • Dual services — we address a child’s behavior issues from two angles by providing training for the parent and instruction for the child.
  • Parent mentors — we pair parents with a trained peer mentor who has completed the program with his or her own child and can draw on that experience to help parents.

How can Tuesday Child help me in my work?
If you work with challenging children, we can train you and your staff in strategies to help manage challenging children’s behavior. Our goal is to help you deliver instruction, care or services more effectively.

Topics can include:
• What is Behavioral Intervention and how it can help your clients
• How to integrate the challenging child into the classroom
• How to develop and implement practical Behavioral Goal Plans

Professional Education programs cost $50/hour per professional but may be covered by one of our foundation partners.

How can I host/sponsor a program for families at my facility?
Our outreach programs range from one-week to four-week behavioral training workshops for families. Fees vary from $50 to $100 per family, and we have a six-family minimum. We will invoice you directly for all costs, and you have the option of charging participants. Contact us at (773) 573-6936 to learn more.

How can I refer a client to Tuesday’s Child?
If you’re concerned by the behavior of a child six years of age or younger, please urge his or her parents to view our website [www.TuesdaysChildChicago.org] or call us at (773) 573-6936.

If you would like to share brochures or additional information with parents, do not hesitate to request them online or download brochures here: English | Spanish

Where Can I Find Additional Information?
We have created a helpful newsletter specifically for professionals like you. It provides relevant information about our program. Download it here: Referral Newsletter. [Link to Professional Newsletter]

How do I talk to clients about coming to your program?
When Making A Referral:
“I recommend you and your family consider attending the Behavioral Intervention program at Tuesday’s Child. They work with the whole family to improve the behavior of your child. Their evidence-based program has helped thousands of families like yours.”

The parent thinks he or she doesn’t need training:
“Tuesday’s Child can equip you with practical behavior management techniques you can implement at home and share with your child’s teacher. They believe in working with the whole family to address behavioral issues.”

The parent doesn’t see behavior issues at home and considers behavior problems a school issue:
Challenging behaviors can demonstrate themselves in different ways in different settings. The great thing about Tuesday’s Child is that their techniques are also effective in the school setting, helping to improve classroom behavior as well. Their child behavior experts can also provide direct support to your child’s school staff based on your child’s individualized needs.

Is there something wrong with my child? Are you saying he/she is special needs?
I’m not saying that. What we really need to address are the behavioral issues. If something else may be going on, I believe Tuesday’s Child could help identify any particular challenges and provide other areas of support that your family may need. My concern is that he/she is successful.

We have also created a helpful document with additional questions clients may pose. Download it here: Talking To Clients about Tuesday’s Child.

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