Is your relationship with your child suffering?
You’ve tried everyone’s advice, but your child still won’t behave?
Do you need a Super Nanny?

The standard parenting advice that your parents used or that other families find success with doesn’t work with every child. The reality is that some kids need a different approach. Tuesday’s Child offers solutions that address the challenges like these through individualized training for both parents and children. Parent training is a key aspect of our dual-service program for families.

How Tuesday’s Child Can Help
Our evidence-based Behavioral Intervention program has helped hundreds of families address their child’s unique needs. Our individualized services for both parents and children helps you, as a parent, to effectively confront your child’s development and behavior in a way that is sensitive to your child.

We strive to provide families with practical tools in a judgment-free environment. Parents are able to access clinical services and build a strong peer-support network. Children are placed in supportive, behaviorally focused classrooms designed to introduce and reinforce the scripts and techniques you will learn in the program.

The Program In Action
Parents work on individualized behavioral and goal planning activities, with group sessions led by a Clinical Psychologist and individual time with trained peer mentors. Tuesday’s Child offers both weekday and Saturday programs and is offered in English and Spanish.

While parents are in session, children receive services in our Behavioral Classrooms which use the same developmentally appropriate, behavior management strategies taught to parents. Emphasis is placed on cooperating with the teacher and interactive games and play with peers and progress is tracked on Time on Task, Compliance, Participation and Socialization.

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